The Smarter Path to Financial Returns

Australia’s Leading Private Lender of Choice for Investors and Borrowers.

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The Smarter Path to Financial Returns

PSA Capital Investments is Australia’s premier private lender for profitable small to medium businesses, offering fast and flexible funding options for borrowers and secure, income-generating opportunities for investors. By leveraging our considerable in-house financial expertise and applying our respectful, ethical and open-minded approach, we deliver tailored lending solutions and safer investment opportunities that get borrowers and investors to where they want to go.

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Lending Solutions

Turning to traditional lenders like the banks is not always an option. PSA provides cost-effective, convenient, and flexible lending solutions for profitable small to medium businesses who require a temporary cash injection.

Financial Consulting

PSA’s services are ethical, conscientious, savvy, and prudent. Our experience means we can develop tailored strategies for the best outcome and deliver expert financial consulting for both borrowers and investors.

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Return to Normal Trading

PSA offers borrowers fast access to finance and a rock-solid roadmap to financial recovery. We get you back to normal trading with a manageable level of debt through traditional financing channels.

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Backed by over 15 years of experience, PSA helps get better terms for borrowers and better returns for investors. 

Unlike other private lenders in the market, PSA provides:

About Us

PSA is Australia’s fastest growing private lending company, servicing clients Australia-wide. Through ethical lending and safer investment opportunities, PSA has helped countless business owners and investors get where they want to go.  

PSA offers: 

PSA Capital Investments Our Founder

Peter Marmara-Stewart

Managing Director

My passion is business and investing. I want to help people live life and be successful; it’s why I do what I do. Business is the wealth generator of any economy, creating jobs and wealth for many. Having the skills of accounting, financial planning and business advice, as well as owning my own business, gives me the innate ability to really help small and medium business owners. I am able to provide valuable insight into their business and help them tailor a plan for the future, making it better not just for themselves, but those around them.

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